10 Reasons Why You Need Salesforce

salesforce why you need salesforce

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based CRM software that helps your business grow into a more streamlined, effective, and efficient organization. Having been in the market since the late 90s, Salesforce has evolved into one of the most innovative and comprehensive CRM solutions. This makes it able to address all of your business needs.

Why choose Salesforce?

Here are ten important reasons why Salesforce deserves your attention. Let’s get the ball rolling.

1. Easy to Use

Salesforce is just as easy to use as the websites you visit every day. You can log in from anywhere, collaborate with your colleagues, and view and update customer data whenever you want.

2. Easy to Customize

Whether you want to add modules, fields, create sales processes or change workflows, it’s all just a click away with Salesforce Customization.

3. Cloud-Based

Salesforce takes flexibility to the next level. You can use it anywhere and at any time. It has pioneered a secure and sophisticated cloud infrastructure and offers cloud solutions for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Analytics.

4. Efficient Reporting

Salesforce offers a powerful suite of reporting tools. These will help save your time, money and allow you to give your business the attention it deserves. The reporting facility in Salesforce is customizable, enables contract management and real-time reports and analytics.

5. Multitenant Platform

All Salesforce users share the same infrastructure and instance of the software. This allows for automatic and simultaneous updates for all users on the platform while keeping their data secure. This means that you’re getting the latest and greatest features with automatic, seamless upgrades three times a year.

6. Integration Options

The Salesforce platform has a robust and well-documented open API which makes virtually any Salesforce integration possible. This lets you map your business processes onto Salesforce more effectively and boosts productivity.

7. AppExchange Ecosystem

AppExchange in Salesforce allows you to develop and market your own app or get access to thousands of useful, secured and verified applications and integrations built by other users. You can also leverage our Salesforce Glossary to learn more about it. 

8. Mobile CRM

Salesforce was one of the earliest companies to introduce the concept of mobile CRM. Now, even if you are on vacation, you can realize the full potential of Salesforce on your phone.

9. Customer Success Platform

Salesforce lets you efficiently unify different principal functions of your business so you can achieve customer success. You can sell, provide service, market, collaborate, know your customers, and build apps on a single platform.

10. Diverse Community

The community at Salesforce is always ready to help and support you. They also provide customization services and help companies gain access to a pool of rich developer talent.

11. NonProfit Organizations

Salesforce is not only for businesses but also the right fit for nonprofit organizations. With the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, Salesforce is giving back to the society as nonprofits can streamline their operations with it at a much lower cost.

The Bottom Line!

Since its release, Salesforce has helped a large number of businesses to better manage their customers and grow. If you too are looking for the perfect CRM for your business, look no further. Salesforce is committed to excellence and with its outstanding features and marketing automation solutions, it will start paying dividends in no time.

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